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Great Sleep

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The Great Sleep is a period when the Necron race went into slumber on their Tomb Worlds after the War in Heaven and the rebellion against the C'tan.[1a]


At the end of the war, the world of Zapennec fought a devastating battle against the Eldar whereupon they were forced into slumber when the Great Sleep descended that prevented them from clearing the debris from the planet's orbit.[1c] At the time, a number of prophecies were known to had been made with regards to apotheosis.[1d] During the Great Sleep, the Webway around Trantis has become sundered thus isolating it from those world's it used to supply.[1c] In addition, the master program of Seidon became corrupted which combined with its damages records led it to sending random Necron ships into space.[1d] The world of Mandragora is known to have survived the Great Sleep relatively intact and free from the predation of plunderers.[1b]