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The Greet are an invertebrate Xenos species from the Ocean World of Isla'su that are part of the Tau Empire.[1a]


The Greet joined the Tau Empire after the Earth Caste agreed to build them many floating factories in a negotiation led by the Golden Ambassador.[1a][1b] This in turn paid for the protection of their planet by Tau Space Stations and allowed the Greet to contribute to the Greater Good.[1a]

The Greet are known to have been infiltrated by Genestealer colonies, though the Greet have not proved to be an ideal host.[2]

The Farsight Expedition's Grand Reclamation Fleet included Greet Stealthers as auxiliary allies, alongside Tau vessels, Nicassar Dhows, Domati Wyrmships, Vespid Nest Vessels, Kroot Warspheres, and Demiurg Bastions.[3]

During the Fourth Sphere of Expansion, Greet mercenary Lineships were included in the Tau Fleet, fitted with Slipstream devices. When they entered the Warp, the mercenary ships were attacked by Daemons, including the Greet Lineships, the Ostense Council's Winged Discs, Human Cruisers and Cutters, Kroot Warspheres, and Nicassar Dhows. The Daemons ripped open the craft, and physically carved the crews apart with weapons, bare hands, and mouths.[4]


The Greet are known to have space vessels, including Lineships and Stealthers.[3][4]

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