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Grenade launcher

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Voss Pattern MkV Automatic Grenade Launcher[6]

Grenade launchers are relatively simple tubular weapons which can launch several different types of grenades using means such as compressed gas or an electromagnetic charge.[1] Grenade launchers benefit from their ability to fire ordnance on an arching trajectory, allowing their shots to clear obstacles and lay down suppressive fire on unseen foes.[3][4] While a variety of common grenade types can be fired by grenade launchers they are almost universally loaded with frag and krak grenades.[1] Other types include anti-plant, blind, hallucinogenic, plasma, smoke, stun, virus and xeno-filament grenades.[3][4]

Grenade launchers are a common weapon used by Imperial Guard infantry squads thanks to their ability to lob grenades greater distances and with more accuracy than can be thrown. Their primary duty is to lay down suppressive fire and destroy light vehicles and buildings.[2] Other races also make use of grenade launchers. Among the Eldar the Aspect Warriors known as the Swooping Hawks use launchers strapped to their legs, while Harlequin Shadowseers make use of a launcher which fits on their shoulders. The Tau Pulse Carbine is also equipped with an underslung grenade launcher for launching EMP grenades.

Known Patterns

Astartes Grenade Launcher[19]

Auxiliary Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher underslung to the barrels of some Imperial weapons.

Astartes Grenade Launcher

A Death Guard Grave Warden with an Astartes Assault Grenade Launcher

Space Marine Scout Bikes can employ grenade launchers outfitted with adaptive targeters to compensate for the high speed at which they move.[13] They are also sometimes attached to Terminators

Assault Grenade Launcher

A Grenade Launcher unique to Death Guard Grave Wardens.[15] A smaller hand-held version often used in pairs has been seen in use by House Goliath gangers.[21]

Cadian pattern grenade launcher

The Cadian pattern grenade launcher is the standard launcher used by the Cadian Shock Troopers. This drum-fed weapon is capable of a relatively high rate of fire and carries twenty 40mm grenades, with the weapon pivoting forward to reload. Front and rear sights, the latter of which flips up and is notched for different ranges, assist the user in aiming the weapon. A wide-legged stance is required to fire the grenade launcher, as its recoil is comparable to that of a boltgun and liable to cause injury if improperly used.[2]

Wrist-Mounted Grenade Launcher

These small Grenade Launchers are mounted on Space Marine Terminator officers.

Mezoa Grenade Launcher

Produced on the Forge World of Mezoa this launcher, despite its single-shot nature, is considered a superior weapon in the Koronus Expanse thanks to its superiority in range, accuracy and firing systems compared to other available weapons.[4]

Voss pattern Grenade Launcher

This automatic grenade launcher carries six rounds in a revolving drum magazine. While a common weapon is its unpopular for its inaccuracy,[4] although the MkV makes up for it in sheer firepower as it is capable of launching grenades almost as fast as the firer can pull the trigger. It is commonly used by Drop Regiments and other elite formations as a means of making up for their small numbers.[14] The Elysian Drop Troops for example carry the Voss pattern grenade launcher.[5]

Tauros Grenade Launcher

A fully automatic heavy grenade launcher used by the Imperial Guard.

Subjugator Grenade Launcher

Single-hand grenade launchers by Enforcer squads.[20]

Blackstar Cluster Launcher

An array of full automatic grenade launchers used by Deathwatch Corvus Blackstars.

Ravenwing Grenade Launcher

Mounted on Dark Angels Ravenwing Bikes.[22]

Angel's Tears Grenade Launcher


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