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Grendl Grendlsen

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Grendl Grendlsen[2]

Grendl Grendlsen was a Squat Banner-jarl in the famed Vega Rams mercenary company, when he came to Necromunda as part of the honour guard for the Arcadius Dynasty Rogue Trader, Constant Gerrit.[1]

But while Grendl's liege was entertained in the undreamed-of luxury of Planetary Governor Helmawr's Palace-spire, the Abhuman members of Gerrit's household, including the entire complement of the Vega Rams, were required to remain in Hive Primus' Stranger's Tower, as they were forbidden to set foot in the Hive proper. This would prove fortunate for Grendl, as he was not present with Gerrit when a low-yield atomic charge, planted by a rival House, completely destroyed the wing of the Palace-spire the Rogue Trader was staying on. However Gerrit's death subsequently gave way to a household purge of his servants and Grendl was forced to seek sanctuary in the Underhive of Hive Primus. Once there, Grendl quickly established a new life and found gainful employment as a bodyguard to various Underhive figures. At length, he earned the right to practice as a sanctioned Bounty Hunter, and now serves any master who will pay his fee. Grendl has become famed for protecting his charges from their rivals and subsequently claiming the bounty on the would-be assassin's heads, and so far there has been no shortage of foolhardy rivals eager to test his skills and his infamous hammer.[1]