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Grey Angel (Audio Book)

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Grey Angel
Author John French
Performer John Banks, Toby Longworth, Ramon Tikaram
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Preceded by Butcher's Nails
Followed by Burden of Duty
Released August 2012
Collected in The Silent War
Length 35 Minutes

Grey Angel is an audio book story in the Horus Heresy Series. It was written by John French, and released on August 3, 2012. It was later released in prose as an e-book on 27 January 2016 as part of the "Tales of the Knights Errant" week.

The story describes Garviel Loken's first mission as a Knight-Errant as he was sent to Caliban to investigate the loyalty of the Dark Angels. Although ultimately fruitless, Loken discovers important information regarding the disposition of Luther and the mysterious Cypher.

Cover Description

On a distant world of the Imperium, an agent of Rogal Dorn finds himself the prisoner of a Legion whose loyalties may be divided. Shackled and bound, the former Luna Wolf must fight a battle of wits with his captor, lest the course of the Horus Heresy take an unexpected turn. Will his very presence drive his erstwhile allies into the arms of the Warmaster or will maintaining the status quo prevent another Legion from turning traitor? And just who is the mysterious Space Marine aiding him from the shadows?[2]


Loken's first mission for the Sigillite took him to Caliban, alongside his former comrade, Iacton Qruze. The mission was to ascertain the strength and loyalty of the Dark Angels under Luther and if possible the location and loyalty of Lion El'Jonson. Loken allowed himself to be captured by the Dark Angels, confident Luther himself would interrogate him inside the fortress of Aldurukh. He was correct, and he could only remark how natural Luther's charisma was and how Luther's importance could not be judged so easily. During the interview, Loken only stated his name was "Cerberus," but Luther was able to determine Loken's status as a former Luna Wolf based on his Chtonian accent. Luther mentions his prior experience fighting along side of Luna Wolves, triggering Loken to experience flash backs of those moments at Cardensine and Zaramund.[1]

The conversation between Luther and Loken turned to being abandoned and how it leaves a void behind. Repeatedly, Luther would stare off, looking off to nothing, before resuming. Eventually, Luther brought a torch to Loken's face to examine it more clearly, recognizing him but only vaguely. Luther questions him further, expressing curiousity as to why a Legionary would spy on another because he did not yet know about the Heresy. Loken wanted to tell him the truth, but he felt that Caliban was surrounded in darkness and would turn, Luther left, unsatisfied, and as soon as he was gone Loken spoke to a small, hooded figure in the cell. The Watchers in the Dark was invisible and unknown, and explained that it gave Loken a tiny piece of its telepathy to sense some of Luther's feelings.

The creature refused to explain what it was or why it was there, but instead set Loken free to tell Dorn and the Sigillite what he witnessed: that Luther was ignorant of the Heresy, but he was was ambitious and felt resentment towards the Lion. This complicated the mission as no one knew the true loyalty of the Lion. Loken was able to slip out of his cell and past two guards at his cell door, invisible to any in the area. He continued down the corridor until he came upon a lone Dark Angel who was able to catch sight of him. Loken charged as the Dark Angel tried to cut him with a sword, and the two crashed to the floor. The guard fought with Loken until a voice ordered the guard to hold, and that was enough to allow Loken to overcome the him.[1]

While Loken was held captive, Iacton Qruze slipped through the defenses of the Caliban fortress holding his fellow Knight-Errant. He paused only to avoid captivity only to be discovered by a mysterious figure that was able to sneak up on him and draw a power blade to his throat. The figure knew his name, which startled him. It was Cypher, and Cypher ordered the guard to hold for Loken to subdue him. However, that was not enough, and Qruze shot the guard with a Stalker-pattern bolt-shell, killing him. Loken confronted Qruze about this unnecessary murder, telling Qruze this death may have tipped the scales of loyalty against the Imperium. Qruze responded that their original mission was a failure, but he found something greater: Cypher's help.[1]

Cypher stepped from the shadow, and Loken recognized him from their mutual past. Cypher told him that the came to an understanding and that the situation on Caliban was complex. The two made their escape from the Dark Angel dungeon with the help of Cypher, who left them with the words that all who serve in the shadows will not be remembered and that he lost something that can never be returned. Loken tried to ask him what was lost, and Qruze replied that it was forgiveness.[1]


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