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Grey Hunter (Novel)

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Grey Hunter
Author William King
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Wolf
Preceded by Ragnar's Claw
Followed by Wolfblade
Released 2001
Pages 288
Collected in The Space Wolf Omnibus
Editions 2002 softback
ISBN 1-84154-207-5

2004 softback
ISBN 9781844160242

2011 ebook
ISBN 9780857872609

Grey Hunter is the third novel in the Space Wolf novel series. Written by William King, it was first published in 2001.

Cover Description[1]

Ragnar Blackmane is unique among the Space Wolves in that he ascended to the Wolf Guard without ever being a Grey Hunter. But how did he manage such a feat? The beginnings of that story are told here... When the Spear of Russ, an ancient relic of the Space Wolves once wielded by Leman Russ himself, is stolen, the Chapter seeks its return on the world of Garm. But when they are ambushed by the forces of Chaos, the enraged Space Wolves learn that there is more to the attack than they could have guessed, for an ancient enemy of the Chapter is prophesied to be reborn...

Notable Characters


Part of the story description on the Black Library website is misspelled ("...an ancient enemy of the Chapter is propehsied [sic] to be ...").[1]

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