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Grey Knight Weaponry (List)

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This is a list of the Weapons available to the Grey Knights Space Marines.

  • Note - this list does not include weapons of the Inquisition.

Close Combat Weapons

Standard Close Combat Weapons

Close Combat Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Anointed Blade Powered Weapons
Digital Weapons
Power Weapon Powered Weapons
Nemesis Daemon Hammer Force Weapons
Nemesis Falchions Force Weapons
Nemesis Force Halberd Force Weapons
Nemesis Force Sword Force Weapons
Nemesis Warding Stave Force Weapon

Vehicle Close Combat Weapons

Vehicle Close Combat Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon Power Weapons
Nemesis Doomfist Force Weapon
Nemesis Doomglaive Force Weapon
Nemesis Greatsword Force Weapon
Nemesis Daemon Greathammer Force Weapon

Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Bolter Bolt Weapons
Assault cannon Projectile Weapons Vehicle mounted
Conversion beam projector Energy weapons
Gatling psilencer
Heavy bolter Bolt Weapons
Heavy incinerator Flame Weapons
Heavy psycannon Bolt Weapons
Hurricane Bolter Bolt Weapons Vehicle mounted
Incinerator Flame Weapons
Lascannon Las Weapons Vehicle mounted
Missile launcher Missile Weapons Vehicle mounted
Mindstrike Missile Missile Weapons
Multi-melta Melta Weapons Vehicle mounted
Plasma cannon Plasma Weapons Vehicle mounted
Psycannon Bolt Weapons
Storm Bolter Bolt Weapons
Thunderhawk cannon Ordnance Weapons Vehicle mounted
Turbo-laser Destructor Las Weapons Vehicle mounted
Typhoon Missile launcher Missile Weapons Vehicle mounted


Name Notes
Blind Grenades
Empyrean Brain Mines
Frag Grenades
Krak Grenades
Melta Bombs
Psychotroke Grenades
Psyk-out Grenades
Rad Grenades


Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Blade of Armageddon Halberd [1]
Blade of Antwyr Daemon Blade
Blade of the Forsworn Nemesis Force Sword
Titansword Sword Carried by Kaldor Draigo
Soul Glaive Glaive
Fury of Deimos Storm Bolter
Malleus Argyrum Thunder Hammer
Nullbolts Bolter Ammunition [1]
Destroyer of Crys'yllix Nemesis Daemon Hammer
Stave of Supremacy Nemesis Warding Stave

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