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Grey Knights Chaplain

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Grey Knights Chaplain[1a]

Grey Knights Chaplains are specialist officers within the Grey Knights.[1a]


Within the Grey Knights, Chaplains lead their battle-brothers in prayer at great gatherings in the Hall of Champions. Recruiting new Aspirants and overseeing their training and spiritual tutelage, Chaplains teach these eager new recruits in litanies, strictures, and dicta. In addition they oversee discipline and are known to at times administer fatal punishment to those who question or waver in their dedication. None save the Grey Knights Supreme Grand Master holds more authority than a Chaplain in ensuring the purity of each member of the Chapter.[1a]

On the battlefield, Grey Knights Chaplains physically embody the sacred duty of the Adeptus Astartes. They maintain the mental discipline of Grey Knights forces, ensuring none of the warriors around them will waver in their mental defenses and fall prey to Daemons. By attuning his mind to that of his followers, a Grey Knights Chaplain can commune psychically with his followers, ensuring the litanies suffer no interruption. His every utterance carries with it the sanctified truth of a Grey Knight’s purpose. Each verse he recites is a gift from the Emperor, as vital to the brothers in his flock as their storm bolters and Nemesis weapons. By these words do they steel themselves against the enemy. This solidarity of mind and soul is then turned brutally upon those who stand before the Grey Knights.[1a]

Chaplains are fearsome warriors in their own rights, often drawn from the most spiritually pure members of the Paladins. They wield a Crozius Arcanum and for protection have Aegis Armor and a Rosarius with built-in Conversion Field generator.[1a]

Notable Grey Knights Chaplains


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