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Grey Knights Strike Cruiser

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Grey Knights Strike Cruiser

Grey Knights Strike Cruisers are highly advanced and unique Strike Cruisers used by the Grey Knights.[1]


Possessing impressive firepower, heavy armour, and the most advanced technology and the finest engineering of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Grey Knights' fleet of starships would be the envy of the wider Imperium if their existence were known. Their advanced technology is augmented by powerful sorcerous enchantments to protect them from the perils of the Warp. Grey Knights ships are also piloted by the most trusted and finest Navigators of the Navis Nobilite, capable of steering the most efficient courses through the unpredictable Warp.[1][2]

Because of their advanced engines and Warp Drives as well as their highly trained Navigators, Grey Knights vessels are the fastest ships in the Imperium and can respond to a Daemonic incursion long before other Imperial Forces.[1]

The Grey Knights' fleet of Strike Cruisers is based at Broadsword Station, an orbital dockyard over their Homeworld of Titan.[1]

Notable Grey Knights Strike Cruisers


Grey Knights Strike Cruiser Miniature[2]

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