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Grey Knights Supreme Grand Master

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Kaldor Draigo — current Supreme Grand Master

The Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights is the highest rank of the Grey Knights Space Marines, the equivalent of a Chapter Master in a more conventional Space Marine Chapter.


The Supreme Grand Master is elected with the unanimous blessing of all the other Grand Masters. His rule over the Chapter is absolute and he is given the title "Lord" upon assuming his position. Along with the eight Grand Masters he forms the Chapter Council.[1b]

This is a tradition coming from the beginning of the order, a time when Malcador the Sigilite was ordered by the Emperor of Mankind to find "men of character, skill and determination" to root out and fight treachery. Eight of the twelve he selected were Space Marines and these nine men formed the basis of the chapter council; one to lead and eight beneath him, to rule over the entire chapter.[Needs Citation]

Known Grey Knights Supreme Grand Masters

Canon Ambiguities

Codex: Grey Knights (5th Edition) mentions that an alternative title is Chapter Lord[Needs Citation], but this is not present in the 7th Edition Codex[2].


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