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Grigory Maksim

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Grigory Maksim is a Vostroyan Firstborn Armour Captain, whose Regiment is fighting in the war-enveloped Traxis Sector. Later in that conflict, his Armoured Regiment was ordered to aid a Dark Angels strike force[1a], led by Epistolary Vezuel[1b], in defending the Death World Nectavus VI[1a]; after it was invaded by the Sorcerer Sathariel the Innvokator. However, as they fought their way through the Nectavus VI's jungles to reach Sathariel, the Sorcerer had already begun a Chaos ritual[1c], which soon opened a Warp portal in the Death World's orbit. Sathariel planned to turn Nectavus Vi into a Daemon World, through which the forces of Chaos would have a permanent foothold into the Traxis Sector, and as soon as the Warp portal opened, it not only began corrupting the Death World, but also unleashed a tide of Daemons upon its surface[1d]. Now Grigory and Vezuel's forces are racing against time, to kill Sathariel before his ritual is completed[1a]; as the Sorcerer's death would force the Warp portal to close and save Nectavus VI from damnation.[1d]