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Coron Grizmund

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General Grizmund of the Narmenian Armour[3]

Lord General Coron Grizmund[1c] was the commanding officer of the Narmenian Armoured regiments taking part in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Holder of a distinguished reputation, Grizmund is best known for his actions during the Siege of Vervunhive.


Reputed to be an excellent commander of armour, Grizmund first distinguished himself as Colonel of the 1st Narmenian Armoured Regiment during the Cociaminus campaign of 760-762.M41, where his leadership was instrumental in the two major tank battles taking place on the dune sea outside the hive city of Harshen, both of which were Imperial victories.[2]

In 769.M41 Grizmund, now a General, led a unit of Narmenian Armour to the world of Verghast, where he fought in the defence of Vervunhive.[1a] During the Second Storm of the embattled Hive City he, along with his entire command staff, were arrested by the Vervunhive Primary Commissariat, the local military police, for taking an unauthorized route to the battlefield, trying to circumvent a traffic jam caused by confused orders.[1b] While the situation looked grim for a while, Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt eventually stepped in and had the charges dismissed; Grizmund was returned to his command.[1c]

The Narmenian Armoured regiment Grizmund led at Vervunhive was made up of 127 Leman Russ Battle Tanks, 27 Demolishers, 42 Salamanders and a small number of Sentinel walkers and attached infantry, and with it General Grizmund managed to win considerable distinction in the campaign.[1x] In the counter attack from the stricken hive city Vervunhive, for example, have been destroyed 200 armoured vehicles just in one day of fighting. The men of general Grizmund refer to him as the 'fighting general' because he was not afraid to join the frontline with his men, and always willing to commit his troops to the heart of battle.[5]

Particularly of note was during "Operation Dercius", when a manoeuver Grizmund coined "The Scissors" was used to devastating effect. During this engagement the Naremenian Armour totally annihilated a much larger Zoican armoured force, losing only two tanks in the process. Grizmund was further able to mount a successful counterattack on Veyveyr Gate, driving the Zoican forces out from under the city's Void Shield.[1c]

His personal tank was Grace of the Throne — special Leman Russ Battle Tank.[5]

By 791.M41, he had been elevated to the position of Lord General. [6]


  • "Target and deny! By our deaths shall they know us!"[1c]
  • "Let's give them hell, men."[1c]


Another Imperial Guard Colonel named Grizmund (this one of a Paladian armour regiment) appears in Dan Abnett's short story The Fall of Malvolion. This Grizmund was killed while defending Malvolion from a Tyranid Invasion, fighting alongside the Mordian Iron Guard and a Phyrus Regiment.[4]