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Grog Ironteef

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Grog Ironteef was an Ork Warboss, also known as the Warchief of Alsanta.


Raiding Kroot warspheres around Dal'yth, Grog was enthused by the Kroots' voraciousness at close combat and as a result became infuriated when Tau forces came to the aid of their Kroot allies. Declaring war on the Tau Empire, Grog and his Boyz launched the War of Dakka and attacked what would become the Farsight Enclaves but were quickly frustrated by the Tau's use of long-range firepower. Upgrading his forces' heavy firepower with the help of many Flash Gitz, Tankbustas, and Freebooters as well as the Ork Pirate Kaptin Badrukk, he managed to ambush, outmaneuver and trap the Tau forces. Forcing the Tau to retreat, Grog would take three more Sept worlds and continues to ravage the Tau Empire. Words of his exploits have attracted many more Orks.[1] As of 998.M41, Ironteef's growing might attracted the attention of the Ultramarines and Genesis Chapter Space Marines, who were determined to put down the Warboss before he becomes a major threat.[2]

Ironteef eventually came to blows with the Tau Commander Farsight during the Farsight Expedition. Although Ironteef initially outsmarted and outmanuvered Farsight at every turn, driving the Tau Commander to the brink of despair and mental breakdown, Farsight was able to best the Warboss through using the very forces of nature against the Ork forces. It is said that after a string of defeats, Farsight was able to isolate Grog and defeat him in single combat. Farsight now has Grog's ashes in an orb inscribed with the names of all the Tau worlds he burnt.[3]


Conflicting sources

Ironteef was originally mentioned to have been active in ~998.M41, years after his recently written death during the Farsight Expedition.[Needs Citation]

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