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Grot Blasta

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Grot Blastas[3]

When Gretchin are actually forced to fight they use all kinds of small and crude hand weapons, referred to collectively as Grot Blastas.

Description and Variants

Grot Blastas are run-down, second-hand, low-tech, dust-caked pieces of junk that usually take the form of old and puny pistols and rifles that the Orks would have scrapped otherwise. The only real reason Gretchin take them is because they are (slightly) better then going into battle unarmed. There is no standardization with blastas, as is the case with almost all Ork weapons, and they can take on a myriad of shapes and sizes.They may well be looted Imperial Stub guns, Autopistols or Laspistols.[1]

Gretchin Blunderbuss

Some Blastas take the form of a flare-ended blunderbusses or other double-barrelled jezzails. Most often they fire a shot of pebbles, balls, nuts, bolts or anything that can be rammed down the barrel. In battle, the 'lead' Gretchin will direct the volleys of fire at a target. Most often this takes the form of shooting at the biggest enemy, or the one with the biggest weapon. Even with the poor aim of Gretchin, chances are the target will be hit, along with any in a small area around them.


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