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Grub Targeson

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Grub Targeson

Grub Targeson is a crazed Necromundan Hive Scummer, who was not so long ago an upstanding member of Hive Primus' Merchant Guild, until one day he woke to find an odd lump growing out of his shoulder. He ignored it at first, as minor mutations and strange diseases are common sights throughout the Hive, but the lump then began to grow in size.[1]

As time went on, Grub found it harder to hide the lump, which eventually turned into a hump on his back, but things took a turn for the worse when it started speaking to Grub. This caused his mind to snap and he fled to the Underhive, where he began hiring himself out to gangs as a gun-for-hire, all while having whispered conversations with the hump. Most pass off his ramblings as the results of one too many bottles of Second Best, though some swear they have heard the hump talking back to Grub. There may be some disturbing truth to this, as Grub knows things he should not be able to - like the locations of hidden stashes or the time when a Hive quake will strike. And each time one of his predictions comes true, Grub begins to affectionately stroke his hump...[1]