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Guild of Ash

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The Guild of Ash is one of several Genestealer Cults that now infest Necromunda, following the infestation, and later destruction, of Hive Secundus.[1]

They were created, after a Merchants Guild prospector was infected and the Cult now passes themselves off as a Guilder family. This has allowed allowed the Guild of Ash to infiltrate Necromunda's Hive society and the Cult became embedded within the Quinspirus Cluster, by trading the rare minerals found in the bottom of the Hive. Its tainted bloodline has now spread throughout the Cluster's Underhive and they have increased their reach by forging alliances with Quinspirus' Noble Houses and Clan Houses. The Guild of Ash's ultimate goal, is to be elevated into the five spires of the Cluster's Hive, but the influence of House Delaque's Quinspirus forces have complicated matters. The time may come soon, though, when the two sides will go to war to settle matters between them. But while Delaque will seek to destroy the Guild of Ash, the Cult desires to convert the House to their cause.[1]