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Guilders are representatives of the Merchants Guilds that operates inside a Hive. They are often recognized by the large icons of their guild that they carry around their necks. These icons are used as keys, both visually and electronically. If a Hiver sees the icon they will often allow the Guilder to pass them. They are imprinted with numerous security codes that allow them to open most electronically locked doors. The larger and more ornate a Guilder's icon, the higher rank they have obtained within the guild.[Needs Citation]

Guilders often have diplomatic immunity within the hives, moving around between the Houses without any trouble whatsoever. They coordinate trade between the houses, and manage the trafficking of weapons and ammunition around the Hive.[Needs Citation]

Other Uses of Term

Guilder is also an informal name for any member of an industrial cartel on Pavonis.[1]

Notable Guilders