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Guilliman's First Oath

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Guilliman's First Oath is an Honour Standard and a relic of the Ultramarines Legion, that was nearly lost to the Word Bearers during the Battle of Calth. When the war on Calth began, the relic was held by the squadron of Sergeant Caudeus and was still with them, when the fighting continued beneath the planet's surface. Disaster would strike for the squadron however, when both they and the squadron of Sergeant Tynon became separated from their Legion, while fighting in Vault-Vexillium; when the Word Bearers began to breakthrough the Ultramarines' battle lines. The squadrons soon found themselves surrounded and realizied that the Word Bears would seize the Honour Standard after they were killed. Acting quickly the two Sergeants agreed to go on the attack and attempt a breakout that would allow one of their number to escape with the Honor Standard. Placing the relic in the hands of Olmenus, one of Caudeus's squadron, the Ultramarines went on to sell their lives dearly against the Word Bearers, which allowed Olmenus to escape down a service chute. He later brought the Honour Standard to safety, when he located other Ultramarines forces.[1]