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Gul'gulm'ga'tol is a Great Unclean One of Nurgle who secretly invaded the Imperium Hive World Hamagora in the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation. The Greater Daemon then turned the sprawling sewage works of Hive Agrippa, into its own personal baths and corrupted them into a morass of rancid gruel. Soon an endless swarm of Nurgle Daemons emerged from the filth and turned Agrippa into ruins. Once they learn of the invasion, the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter's Second Company came to the world's aid, but quickly found themselves under siege; for every Daemon they destroyed two more took its place. It was only when Gul'gulm'ga'tol was cast back into the Warp, by Strike Force Harbinger of the Grey Knights' Fifth Brotherhood, that the threat to Hamagora was ended.[1]