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The Gundog was a Strike Cruiser in the Soul Drinkers Chapter.[1][2b]

Configured for ship-to-ship combat, the Gundog possessed a full complement of Corvus assault pods for use in its role in anti-ship actions.[2b]


It was dispatched with the Companies of Captains Garn and Daenyathos to aid Inquisitor Kayeda in destroying the Eternal Coil Chaos Cult in 319.M36.[1]

The Gundog was still active by late M41. Alongside the Unendingly Just, the ship took part in an Administratum-led raid of the Van Skorvold Star Fort in the Lakonia System. However, the Soul Drinkers involved in the raid were forced to turn on their Adeptus Mechanicus allies (who had stolen a legendary lost relic of the Chapter). The two Strike Cruisers then evacuated the Soul Drinkers, along with the human priest Yser and his flock, before fleeing the system.[2a]

Later, after the Librarian Sarpedon seized control of the Chapter and led them in rebelling against the Imperium, he moved the Chapter's base of operations to the Space Hulk Brokenback. As the Soul Drinkers fleet was deemed too easy to track by those trying to hunt them down, the remaining ships, including the Gundog, were scuttled.[2c]

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