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Gunheads (Novel)

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Gunheads novel cover.jpg
Author Steve Parker
Publisher Black Library
Series Imperial Guard
Preceded by Ice Guard
Followed by Cadian Blood
Released March 2009
Pages 416
Editions 2009 softcover
ISBN 9781844165872

Gunheads is an Imperial Guard novel by Steve Parker and was first published in 2009. It is also collected in Hammer of the Emperor (Omnibus), the second Imperial Guard novels omnibus.

Cover Description[1]

Sergeant Wulfe leads his armoured tank company, the Gunheads, to the hostile alien world of Golgoltha as part of an Imperial battlegroup. Their mission is to locate and retrieve the Fortress of Arrogance, a battle tank that belonged to the legendary Commissar Yarrick, hero of Hades Hive. If Wulfe can keep his mind and men together, and the Imperial forces can retrieve the tank, this will have a huge boost on morale in the Armageddon campaign‚ but are they risking their lives needlessly?


Shortly before the Third War for Armageddon, a Cadian Army Group is landed on Golgotha, to retrieve the wreckage of the Fortress of Arrogance, Commissar Yarrick's famous Baneblade tank. Though the Army Group numbers approximately thirty thousand men, complete with tanks and artillery, many of the level-headed officers know that the mission is suicidal, for such numbers will hardly make a dent in a planet full of Orks. But the Lord General in command of the expedition is desperate to win glory at any price, and the Mechanicus Adepts guiding him have their own agenda.


  • The name of the planet the novel takes place on is spelled Golgoltha on the Black Library webpage for Gunheads[1], but the novel itself and numerous other sources consistently spell it Golgotha. This is presumably an error.

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