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a Gunwagon

A Gunwagon is an Ork vehicle, commonly used as a transport.


A variant of a standard Battlewagon, a basic gunwagon consists of a powerful engine and a mounted Big Shoota on a chassis. A gunwagon only has a seat for the driver, but hand holds are provided to transport Orks over short distances.[1] Much like other Ork vehicles, the gunwagon is a highly modifiable platform, and can be armed with a Zzap Gun[2], a Kannon[3], or a quad of Flak guns[4] while still retaining its transport capabilities. In addition, the gunwagon can be up-armoured to protect the driver and gunner, and also mounts an extra Big Shoota.[5]

The main weakness of a Gunwagon is, should it be hit by the enemy fire, the massive amount of ammunition within will often detonate spectacularly. The Orks see this less of a drawback and more as an opportunity to take a few enemies with them.[7]

Technical Information

Technical Information[6]
Length 9.37m
Height 5.25m
Width 4.9m
Estimated Weight 32 tonnes
Barrel Length 2.5m
Armour 20-100mm
Estimated Max Speed 60 kph
Crew 1 driver, 1 gunner, 1 loader
Armament 1 Kannon (may vary)
Main Ammunition Estimated 30 rounds. This varies by design


A basic Ork Gunwagon.[1]


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