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Gustav Karlson II

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Gustav Karlson II was a Lord General on Armageddon and was the Chief of Staff of the Armageddon Secundus Command Guard when the First War for Armageddon began. When half of Armageddon's PDF turned to Heresy, as the Space Hulk Devourer entered their planet's orbit, Gustav acted quickly and eliminated those units he could not absolutely rely on, in order to maintain control. His counterpart on Armageddon Prime was slower to react however, and was not able to raise a proper defense, before the Daemon Prince Angron and his forces invaded. As a result Armageddon Prime soon fell to Angron's forces, but the survivors of the Chaos attack were able to retreat to Armageddon Secundus; which remained a stable stronghold due to Gustav's actions.[1a]

Gustav would survive the war and later wrote a memoir of his experience fighting Angron's forces, which has just recently been found, after having been lost for centuries[1a]. Though his memoir gave a great incite into the First War for Armageddon, it was ordered suppressed by the Ordo Malleus, who had it stored in their archives.[1b]