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Belly Gun

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Belly Gun[2]

The Belly Gun is a type of Ork artillery weapon.[1]

Belly Guns are ridiculously sized weapons, that Stompas sometimes mount in mimicry of their larger cousins, Gargants. Its shells are the size of a Warbike and are simply jam packed with explosives and shrapnel-producing scrap. The resulting explosions sometimes level whole swathes of the battlefield and at other times only devastate a smaller patch. It takes a very long time to reload a Belly Gun and as such it has a very slow rate of fire. It is also wildly inaccurate, but its power is immense: it have been observed to blow off the leg of a Warhound Titan and shatter Imperial Super heavy tanks with one shot. It is also one of the most long-ranged Ork weapons.[1]

An even larger version of the Belly Gun, known as the Gut Buster, is mounted on Gargants. These weapons are comparable in size to a Macrocannon.[3]


Gargant-Class Gut Buster[4]


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