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Eldar with a Gyrinx[5]

The Gyrinx (also Grynix) is a cat-like creature used by both human and Eldar psykers as a familiar, augmenting its user's psychic abilities.[1]

Biology and Appearance

A Gyrinx resembles a large cat, that can grow to as much as a metre in length and have very thick and fluffy ginger or orange fur and bright blue eyes.[1] There is however, a subspecies called Snow Gyrinx that have white fur.[6] Gyrinx are not intelligent as such, but they have an astounding ability to empathize with other creatures, forming a mental bond with their owner which is comparable to true friendship. This mental empathy is of great benefit to the creature's owner, whose own speed of thought and action are actually improved while the Gyrinx is in close proximity. What benefit the Gyrinx obtains from the relationship is unclear, but there is plainly some deep-seated need being fulfilled, because an owner-less Gyrinx will actively seek out and adopt another creature. Oddly enough, Gyrinx show a slow metabolic change so that they can come to resemble their owner physically, temperamentally and in habit.[1]

If a Gyrinx's owner dies, it will defend the body, and eventually either run away or allow itself to be adopted by one of its former owner's friends or associates. It takes a period of several weeks to establish a complete relationship with the new owner, but might be less if the old and new owners were close friends or relations.[2]

Obviously, these are creatures of great value, and unlikely to be owned by ordinary people. Gyrinx are highly prized as pets by psychic Inquisitors, Rogue Traders and high-ranking members of the Adeptus Terra. Evil aliens, such as Dark Eldar, may also own Gyrinx, which become as nasty and vicious as their owners.[2]

On Necromunda Gyrinx are among the psychic Xenos pets that are heavily restricted on the Hive World. As a result, only the most powerful and influential nobles are able to acquire and keep them. Of course, the Gyrinx sometimes escape from their owners and find their way into the hands of less salubrious individuals.[4]

Some Harlequin Shadowseers will take on a Gyrinx as a companion.[3]

Known psychic abilities

Notable Gyrinx

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