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Hadariel (Primaris Chaplain)

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Hadariel was a Dark Angels Primaris Chaplain who was the mentee to the Interrogator-Chaplain Raguel.[1]

They were among the Chapter's forces sent to end rebellion the Mining World Muz. Its population lived aboard massive mining vehicles called Deep-miners and the Chaplains and several squadrons were sent to cleanse one. While fighting with the Intercessor Squad of Sergeant Raum, however, Hadariel was greeted by the Intercessor Gnaeus, who greeted Hadariel as an old comrade. He then remarked about the times they had fought together before, but the Chaplain strangely could not remember Gnaeus and awkwardly greeted him in return. Hadariel did not have time to dwell on this, as the Dark Angels discovered that Muz's rebellious population was tainted by Genestealers. In one attack by the Xenos, Gnaeus was killed and the Chaplain asked Raguel how they knew each other. The Interrogator-Chaplain told Hadariel that he and Gnaeus had served together as Greyshields in the Indomitus Crusade, before both were sent to join the Dark Angels. The Chaplain still could not remember any of their history together, but Raguel remarked it was likely due to the great ordeal Hadariel had just been through.[1]

Afterwards, Raguel tried to rely the information about the Genestealers, to the Master overseeing the attack, but his Vox-unit was being jammed by the Deep-miner. The best way to overcome this, was to claim the Deep-miner's command centre and Raguel quickly led his forces there. When they reached the command centre, though, they were met by a large Genestealer Cult horde, which included its Magus. In the battle that followed, the tainted psyker nearly killed the Interrogator-Chaplin with its powers, until Hadariel charged at the Magus. Doing so, drew its deadly gaze upon the Chaplain, causing him to collapse, but this gave Raguel the time he needed to kill the Magus. Even with that dangerous foe dead, they were still heavily outnumbered, but luckily the sound of battle had drawn the other Dark Angels squadrons to the command centre. With their aid, the Genestealer horde was defeated, though, the jamming still continued and Hadariel had been badly wounded. As the Squadrons then left to continue their mission, Raguel chose to remain with Hadariel as Sergeant Raum promised to send an Apothecary.[1]

The Chaplain's memories had been jarred by the Magus' attacks, however, and he remembered being sent on a mission Malmar. There, he had discovered a darkness that was eating at the Dark Angels, which caused the Chapter to mindwipe Hadariel's memory. While Raguel tried to to calm the Chaplain, Hadariel claimed he remembered everything and knew what the Chapter had done to him. This caused Raguel to immediately kill the Chaplain, to keep the Dark Angels' secrets secured, though he deeply regretted having to do so. It was later revealed that Hadariel had been sent to Malmar by the Inner Circle, in order to undergo a trial to prove himself worthy of joining their ranks. He would have been the first of the Dark Angels' Primaris Chaplain to do so, but Hadariel failed under mysterious circumstances. The Inner Circle had him mindwiped as a result and ordered Raguel to kill Hadariel should he ever remember what had happened. The Interrogator-Chaplain's conscience was stained by Hadariel's death, however, and he bitterly speculated that Chaplain's trial had been manipulated to ensure Hadariel failed.[1]