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Hades Heavy Cruiser

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Hades Heavy Cruiser[1]
2drones.gif This article is about the Chaos space vessel; for the Hive City, see Hades Hive.

The Hades Class Heavy Cruiser is a long-range gunboat used by the Forces of Chaos.


The broadside weapons batteries of a Hades pack a hefty long-range punch, and are accompanied by even longer-ranged lances. In ship-to-ship duels, this gives a deadly one-two combo of heavy firepower beating down an enemy ship before the kill shot is delivered by lances, and all from out of range of most enemy ships' weaponry.[1]

The Hades shines even brighter when leading a group of other long-ranged ships like the Murder- and Carnage-class cruisers, letting them combine their long-range guns into a solid wall of death awaiting any captain foolhardy enough to try to close the gap.[1]

Notable Hades Heavy Cruisers


Hades Heavy Cruiser