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Hadrael is a Blood Angels Techmarine, who is devoted to both their creeds.[1]


He has a burning reverence for machines and Space Marines alike and, unbeknownst to many, Hadrael is also an adept poet with a distinct artistic flourish. The Techmarine was serving with a fleet aboard the Sword of Baal, when its ships were enveloped by the birth of the Great Rift. The giant Warp Storm damaged the Strike Cruiser and killed many of its crew, before only the Sword of Baal managed to escape back to Realspace. Hadrael was among the Blood Angels who survived the journey, when the Strike Cruiser found itself stranded above the world Niades. Soon after their arrival, however, a high priority transmission from the world reached the Sword of Baal. Due to the loss of so many of the Strike Cruiser's Blood Angels, its Captain, Orpheo, decided to investigate the transmission on his own and descended to Niades. However after he arrived, the Captain was set upon by Genestealers and the Sword of Baal lost contact with Orpheo. This soon prompted most of the surviving Blood Angels aboard the Strike Cruiser to begin searching Niades for the missing Captain. Hadrael was the only Blood Angel to remain aboard the Sword of Baal and he began repairing the Dropship that would later retrieve his Battle Brothers. However this was disrupted, when a ruinous insurrection erupted aboard the Strike Cruiser. In order to defeat it, Hadrael was forced to to an ancient ally for aid…[1]


Hadrael is a character in the Angels of Death (Animated Series).[1]