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Hadrios was a Space Marine of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter.[1a][2]


Born on Sotha, Hadrios was inducted into the Chapter. While a Scout, he served as a member of Squad Rezyk.[1d]

Hadrios later ascended to the rank of Battle-Brother and was a member of the Seventh Company[1b] at the time of the Fall of Sotha. Hadrios was one of the Marines who successfully evacuated Sotha and travelled to the Chapter's muster point in the Miral System.[1a] While there, he came to the realisation that the tyranids were somehow able to target Sotha deliberately, rather than the planet coincidentally lying in the Hive Fleet's path.[1c]

Hadrios attempted to take this information to Chapter Master Thorcyra, but found himself continually denied an audience with him.[1b][1c] After some time, he instead brought his findings to the attention of Captain Thrasius, who was operating away from most the Chapter's forces at the system's fringes at the time.[1c]

Hadrios became the acting lieutenant of Thrasius, now the Chapter Master of the Scythes, serving what remained of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter shortly after the devastation of what remained of the Chapter's forces on Miral. He accompanied Thrasius when he left the Chapter to plan for its future. He sided with the Chapter Master in the creation of the Salvation Teams, to ensure the future of the Chapter.[2]