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Haegr the Mountain was a member of the Wolfblade who served alongside Ragnar Blackmane during his exile to Holy Terra and his subsequent adventures.


Haegr was abnormal among Space Wolves in that, due to a possible defect in his gene-seed, his metabolism was flawed such that he had both an insatiable appetite and the ability to gain weight. Normally, a Space Marine's body is able to metabolize food efficiently, but Haegr became the only Wolf who could be called fat. His girth, combined with his towering height, dwarfing all but the tallest Space Marines, naturally led to his moniker "the Mountain." His suit of Power Armour had to be specially modified to contain his physique.[1]

The reason for Haegr's assignment to the Wolfblade remains unknown, though it is possible that the perceived flaw in his gene-seed caused discomfort among other Wolves.[1]

Despite Haegr's flabby appearance, Torin the Wayfarer warned Ragnar that more of Haegr's bulk was muscle than fat, and Haegr was immensely strong, wielding a Thunder Hammer with brutal effectiveness.[1]

Some of his achievements include throwing his hammer at pursuing Chaos cultists and rebels down a narrow corridor, killing dozens,[1] and breaking the leg of a Chaos Dreadnought with a single blow of his hammer.[3]


Haegr, along with Ragnar and fellow Wolfblade Torin, were assigned to be the bodyguard of Navigator Gabriella Belisarius of House Belisarius. He and Torin had been on Holy Terra much longer than Ragnar and as they taught him the ways of the Wolfblade their friendship grew.[1]


When the Thousand Sons Sorcerer Madox set his plan to destroy the Space Wolves in motion, Gabriella, along with her Wolfblade, answered the call of the Space Wolves.[2] This ultimately lead them to the world of Charys which was the central point of Madox's plan to destroy the Space Wolves using the Spear of Russ.[3]

Haegr met his end on the Shadow World copy of Charys where he sacrificed himself by engaging Madox in a mortal struggle, gripping the Traitor by the neck and holding him in place long enough for Ragnar to recover from one of Madox's sorcerous assaults. In the end Ragnar was able to defeat Madox, but not before he had mortally wounded Haegr. His sacrifice saved not only the sacred Spear but also the entire Space Wolves chapter.[3]

After the Space Wolves returned the Spear of Russ to its sacred shrine on Garm, Ragnar laid Haegr's massive drinking horn (his most prized possession) on top of the sarcophagus, feeling it was a relic no less worthy of reverence.[3]


Combined with a very impressive mustache, he was often described as looking like a walrus.[1]

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