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Haera Astaria Vorterra Helmawr

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Lady Haera Helmawr[1c]

Haera Astaria Vorterra Helmawr is the 13th recognized daughter of Gerontius Helmawr, the 137th Lord of Necromunda.[1c]


Her mother was Gerontius' consort Junos Gileain Ulanti and some say the only reason he named Haera as one of his heirs is because Junos reminded Gerontius of his own mother. Others claim it was because he recognised Haera's talent for treachery early on and Gerontius thought recognizing her as a heir would keep his other children on their toes. This talent first showed before Haera was old enough to leave her nursery chambers. She would manipulate and torture her servants and one of Haera's favorite games was blaming an imagined crime upon a newly arrived nanny or guard. They were then forced to frame one of her other keepers for the offense, lest Haera reveal their "secret". It was excellent training for the life she would lead as a claimant to Gerontius' throne and Haera grew to become a sociopath and backstabbing murderer, even by the grim standards of Necromunda's nobility.[1e]

The dangerous young woman is now as deadly as an Underhive Ganger and has been trained by the finest blademasters of Hive Primus' spire. She is easily the equal of any noble swordsman or swordswoman and the fabulous wealth of House Helmawr affords her exceptional weapons and wargear. This includes her refractor field-infused carapace armour and Watch-Skulls protecting her while Haera dispatches foes with her Phase Sword and Power Spear. Her mind, however, is Haera's most fearsome attribute and she has long used it to exploit her siblings and turn them against each other for her own amusement.[1e] Her skills would serve Haera well[1d], when her Father was attacked by an Assassin, during the Great Rift's Noctis Aeterna. Though Gerontius barely survived the encounter, he was left close to death due to the unidentifiable toxins that the Assassin's power blade was coated with. In order to save his life, Gerontius was placed in a Stasis Casket, until a cure could be found. Because he named no successor to Necromunda's throne, however, this caused Gerontius' children to begin fighting and scheming against each other to become the Hive World next ruler.[1a] Worse still, the Rebel Lady Credo began a world-wide rebellion with several Noble and Clan Houses to overthrow House Helmawr's rule of Necromunda.[1b] During the mayhem, Haera's cruel and manipulative nature greatly aided her and she later killed six[3] of her surviving siblings, after they foolishly attended a family meeting she had called.[1c] Only seven of her siblings refused to do so and most have wisely gone into hiding, to escape Haera's grasp. Because of this, however, she is now not only the de facto ruler of House Helmawr, but of Necromunda as well.[1d] With her siblings dealt with, Haera is now focusing on destroying Lady Credo's rebellion.[1c]


Haera Helmawr Miniature[2]