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This page contains spoilers for: Space Hulk: Tactics

Hagios is a Lexicanum in the Blood Angels Chapter and he was part of the Terminator Squad that destroyed the Space Hulk, Forsaken Doom.[1a]


This occurred in M42[1b], when Hagios served under Captain Ubaldo[1c] aboard the Blood Crusader. It was after the Forsaken Doom threatened to collide with the Forge World Gorgonum and Ubaldo came to its aid[1d]. The Captain's battered force aboard the Blood Crusader had just completed a successful campaign, though, and could only send a single Terminator Squad to invade the Space Hulk[1e]. The Lexicanum was not originally a part of the squadron that Sergeant Tahariel led aboard the Forsaken Doom[1d], who sought to destroy it by placing a series of Melta-bombs near the Space Hulk's energy cores[1c]. The Lexicanum would later join the squadron, however, after he sensed a dark shadow of foreboding aboard the Forsaken Doom[1f]. The Terminator squad later came across the corpses of slain Space Wolves, one of which had a recording stating they had found a holy Seal of the Emperor of Mankind aboard the Space Hulk. However, the Space Wolves had been overrun by the Space Hulk's Genestealers before they could evacuate with it. After the message was finished, Ubaldo stated that it must be the Emperor's will that brought them to the Forsaken Doom. He then informed Tahariel's squadron, that the holy relic's recovery was now the first priority for the Terminators, even over saving the threatened Forge World[1g]. Hagios vehemently disagreed with this decision and told the Captain, they were honor-bound to save the people of Gorgonum. The Lexicanum went on to say, that they had no idea if the Seal was even still aboard the Forsaken Doom and that it would take decades to find it. The squadron did not have time to both save the Forge World and chase after the relic. Could they really sacrifice a vital world, for the vain hope of finding the Seal? Captain Ubaldo replied that the search would continue, but that Haigos' counsel was insightful and that he would consider the Lexicanum's words[1g].

The squadron continued its mission, and Hagios later became instrumental in saving them, after a small Warp portal separated them. While they were knocked out by the experience, the Lexicanum awoken first and was able to find and save the others, before they were killed by the Forsaken Doom's Genestealers[1h]. Afterwards, the decision to chase down the lost Seal, was made moot by Hagios after he sensed the psychically-charged relic. He quickly led the squadron to the Seal's location and Captain Ubaldo told them that it would be a day long remembered by the Imperium[1i]. The Forsaken Doom was soon successfully destroyed by Sergeant Tahariel's squadron[1a], and the holy Seal was later returned to Terra by the Blood Angels.[1j]


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