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Hail was a brother of the Deathwatch who bore no Chapter markings (what is known as a Black Shield).


Hail arrived at Watch Fortress Erioch in 651.M37 on the rapid strike vessel Unquiet Angel seeking aid. He had learned the location of the remains of the vanished 4th Company of the Black Consuls Chapter, a force lost in its entirety millennia before, when the Jericho Reach fell out of the Imperium's grasp. Following the convening of the Chamber of Vigilance, a Kill-Team joined Hail aboard the Unquiet Angel.

Hail led the Kill-team to a massive Space Hulk drifting in the dead space on the edge of the Phaegis System. The Kill-team boarded the vessel and succeeded in recovering the Company Standard of the Black Consuls' 4th Company, along with a number of other holy relics, despite being assaulted by warp ghouls and other foul creatures. In gratitude for the return of their remains, the Black Consuls renewed their oaths to the Deathwatch with a pledge of Battle-Brothers three times what it had previously been.[1]