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Hakanor's Reavers

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Hakanor's Reavers
Hakanor's Reavers Marine.JPG HRMini.jpg
Leader: Daemon Prince Hakanor[1]
Colours: Black with lava imagery and metal trim[1]
Chaos Dedication: Unknown
Strength: Unknown

Hakanor's Reavers are a group of Chaos Space Marines under the leadership of Hakanor, a Daemon Prince formerly known as the Chapter Master Prometian. The armour of these warriors burns with a magical heat, causing it to constantly crack and reform like lava.[1]

Notable Engagements

A small band of Reavers assisted a Chaos cult in entrapping and destroying a reinforcement detail from the Armageddon Steel Legion, on Aionos, approximately one hundred years before the Second Armageddon War. They were lured into the passageways of a buried Necron Monolith and wiped out by its inhabitants.[2]

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