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Haller was a Sergeant of the Vervun Primary[1b] and later the Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard Regiment.[2a][3]



Prior to the Sabbat Crusade's actions on Verghast, Haller was a Sergeant of the Vervun Primary who served under Captain Olin Fencer.[1b]

At the outset of the Siege of Vervunhive, Fencer's unit was stationed outside the walls of Vervunhive and despite being exposed to the Ferrozoican artillery, the soldiers dug in and started building defensive positions, aided by a number of civilians that Fencer pressed into service. Although the Vervun were able to hold for a while, they were overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Fencer and most of the soldiers were killed or fled, but some of the survivors successfully fell back.[1a] One of the civilians, the miner Gol Kolea, took command of the survivors, forming a Scratch Company that Haller joined[1b], becoming Kolea's second in command.[1c]

Towards the end of the Siege, Kolea's scratch company was detailed by Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt and charged with leading Guardsmen of the Tanith First and Only and Royal Volpone through Vervunhive in an attack on the enemy command vehicle, in the hopes of killing the warlord Heritor Asphodel.[1c] While storming the vehicle's bridge, Haller acquitted himself well against Asphodel's elite cadre of bodyguards, the Darkwatch, managing to kill one of their number with a fallen Volpone's grenade launcher.[1d]

Sabbat Crusade

In the aftermath of the Siege, Vervunhive was left in ruins and set to be abandoned. Many of the survivors accepted Warmaster Macaroth's Act of Consolation and enlisted with the Astra Militarum, becoming reinforcements for one of the regiments of the Sabbat Crusade.[1e] Haller took this offer, joining the Tanith First.[2a]

Haller first saw action with the Tanith First on the planet Hagia, in which he took part in the fight to retake the Holy Doctrinopolis from the Infardi.[2a] During the fighting, Colonel Corbec was captured by the Infardi. Haller volunteered to accompany Kolea (now also a Sergeant) on a rescue mission despite the Tanith being ordered to evacuate the city in preparation for an impending armoured assault on the Doctrinopolis by the Eighth Pardus Armoured.[2b]


Even after joining the Tanith First, Haller continued to wear the spiked helmet issued to members of the Vervun Primary.[2b]