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Hammer and Bolter: Year Two

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Hammer and Bolter: Year Two

Hammer and Bolter: Year Two (ISBN 9780857878359) was released online in September, 2012, collecting Issues 13 through 24 of Hammer and Bolter magazine.


Warhammer 40,000 Fiction

Warhammer Fiction

  • Dead Calm by Josh Reynolds
  • The Burning by Nick Kyme
  • The Tilean’s Talisman by David Guymer
  • In the Shadow of the Emperor by Chris Dows
  • Stromfels’s Teeth by Josh Reynolds
  • The Oberwald Ripper by Laurie Goulding
  • Slayer of the Storm God by Nathan Long
  • The Talon of Khorne by Frank Cavallo
  • Lords of the Marsh by Josh Reynolds
  • The Shadow of the Beast by Laurie Goulding
  • Dead Man's Party by Josh Reynolds
  • Born of Blood by Sarah Cawkwell
  • The Mouth of Chaos by Chris Dows
  • The Butcher's Beast by Jordan Ellinger
  • Leechlord by Frank Cavallo
  • Let the Great Axe Fall by Graham McNeill
  • The Hunter by Graeme Lyon
  • Gilead's Curse by Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent