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Hand Cannon

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Hand Cannon[1]

A heavier version of the stub gun, hand cannons or stub cannons[5] are popular with those who have the arm strength to wield them. They fire massive slugs that can turn unfortunates into chunks of meat, but generally have a low rate of fire and small ammo capacity. These deadly weapons kick with a strong recoil and are mostly used by enforcers or bounty hunters who aren't picky on the state of their quarry.[1][2]

Known Patterns

'Judgeslayer' Handcannon[3]

'Judgeslayer' Handcannon

"Judgeslayer" designs are used by miscreants and lawbreakers fearing their nefarious activities coming to the attention of either Arbites or local Enforcers. Searching for a weapon capable of stopping a carapace-armoured Arbitrator in his tracks they often seek out Hereteks or backstreet killsmiths for 'Judgeslayer' Handcannon. These designs are characterised by a crazed disregard for the safety of the user, as all the normal precautions in pistol design are thrown away to allow the creation of a weapon equally lethal to its user and the victim.[3]

House Goliath Stub Cannon[5]

.54 Tranter Hand Cannon

These massive gas-operated stub automatics are often plagued with mechanical problems and notoriously prone to jamming. Despite their drawbacks they are undoubtedly powerful, very menacing and capable to take a man’s head clean off in one shot. They are sometimes referred to as a “poor man’s bolter”.[4a]

Westingkrup Carnodon Pattern Precision Hand Cannon

Resembling an Imperial bolt pistol and in fact distinctly based on its internal mechanism and layout, the Carnodon is a finely made and well-balanced weapon, both powerful and extremely accurate in skilled hands. A high priced and exclusive item, this weapon is found in the armouries of the Adeptus Arbites and sometimes in criminal gangs, where it is considered a mark of high status.[4b]

Fykos Forge “Flametongue” Howdah Pistol

Produced in the Fykos Forge of Gunmetal, this simple and reliable weapon is a compact twin-barrelled hand cannon, chambered to fire huge, custom-made soft alloy rounds that break apart on impact to cause horrific wounds. Intended as a powerful last line of defence should a hunter be ambushed or have the tables turned on him, Flametongue is powerful enough to bring down anything a hunter might have as a prey.[4b]

Bullock-class shot pistol - 'Vulper'

A heavy handgun that, despite its name, fires bullets instead of shells. This pistol has a low ammunition capacity but compensates with enough stopping power to put down an Ogryn.[6]

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