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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Harbingers Space Marine Chapter. For other uses of Harbinger, see Harbinger (disambiguation).
Harbingers.jpg Unknown.jpg
Chapter Master: Nimrod Grudge[6]
Homeworld: Birmingham[6]
Colours: Middle-yellow legs, arms and pauldrons; Blue torso, helmet, backpack and pauldrons rims; red aquila[5]
Specialty: Boarding Actions, Planetary Assaults[6]

The Harbingers are a Space Marine Chapter of unstated origin.[6]


The Harbingers' Homeworld is the Feral World Birmingham "the Black Planet", and their Chapter Master is Nimrod Grudge. They specialize in boarding actions and planetary drop assaults, which the Chapter has become highly respected for.[6]

Notable Campaigns and Engagements


The Harbingers were created by the Games Workshop employee Pete Haines, who named them the Harbinger Chapter in White Dwarf 299 (UK). Haines also wrote that the Chapter recruited its Aspirants from their Homeworld's Hives, though it is not known if this is still true.[7]

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