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Harlequin's Kiss

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Picture of a Harlequin's Kiss.[3]

The Harlequin's Kiss (Eldar: brathu-angau, translated "kiss of doom"[1] or "kiss of evil"[3]) also known as Sting, is a tubular wrist-mounted Monofilament Injector.[1]

As the name suggests it is widely associated with the Eldar Harlequins.[1] The Kiss is only effective in close combat. It contains a tightly-coiled retractable monofilament wire which is around 100 metres in length.[3] When activated (often with a forward punching motion) the wire is violently released. Capable of piercing armour, if the wire penetrates its victim it instantly uncoils and lashes around violently, liquefying bones and internal organs, and causing immediate death. The wire then retracts back into the Kiss.[3]

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