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Harlequin (Novel)

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Author Ian Watson
Publisher Black Library
Series Inquisition War
Preceded by Draco (Novel)
Followed by Chaos Child (Novel)
Editions Harlequin ISBN 1-84154-255-5

Cover Description

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, the Inquisition protects mankind from its many enemies, whether foul daemons or the inscrutable, alien eldar. But who will protect humanity if even the Inquisition becomes corrupted? Renegade Inquisitor Jaq Draco and his motley companions find themselves caught in a war that no one can win, unless he can somehow access the ancient secrets hidden in the legendary Black Library.


Harlequin takes place a hundred years after Draco; Draco, Meh'Lindi and Googol, spending the time in stasis aboard the Tormentum Malorum. During the escape from Terra, Grimm the Squat had been separated from the group in a riot.

Draco manages to find a way into the Black Library of Chaos using the combined talents of a Navigator, a dead Astropath and an Imperial Fist Marine, and steals the Book of the Rhana Dandra.


  • Jaq Draco
  • Meh'Lindi
  • Navigator Vitali Googol
  • Grimm the Squat
  • Lexandro D'Arquebus, Imperial Fists Captain
  • Zephro Carnelian, the Harlequin Man, Illuminati member
  • Navigator Azul Petrov
  • Tarik Ziz, renegade director-secundus of the Callidus temple of assassins
  • Baal Firenze, rejuved and re-trained Malleus Inquisitor
  • Eldrad Ulthran, Eldar Farseer