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A Harridan[3]

The Harridan is one of the largest flying Tyranid creatures the Imperium has yet encountered.[1]


It has two bio-cannons and a pair of Scything Talons for swooping low and slashing up tanks. Being a living creature and relying on wings rather than jet engines the Harridan cannot match an aircraft for straight-line speed but its lithe, twisting body is far more manoeuvrable allowing it to twist and turn to avoid enemy fire. Harridans seem to act as brood-mothers to smaller Gargoyles. It is thought that Gargoyles lack the endurance for very long distance movement but it is known that they can hitch a lift on a Harridan using their hooks and claws to attach themselves. The Harridan has no legs or feet and because of this it has been theorized that once airborne a Harridan can never land, though some Xeno-Biologists believe that Harridan can land and slithering on its belly like a snake. It is only a theory at this moment.[2]

Basic Info

Size comparison :Harridan vs Harpy vs Gargoyle
Harridan with Gargoyle Clutch
Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Record
Designation Harridan
Common Title Brood-mother[2]
Specied Name Avius terriblis[2]
Average Height 5.5m[2]
Average Length Snout to tail: 28m[2]
Scythe Length 6m[2]
Wingspan 38.4m[2]
Average Speed 100 kph[2]
Estimated Maximum Speed 200 kph[2]
Estimated Armour 4-50mm[2]
Weight From 11 tonnes[2] to 62.4 tonnes[Needs Citation]
First encountered Tyran[Needs Citation]
Role Air superiority
Threat evaluation Extreme
Main Weaponry 2x bio-cannons[2]
Tertiary Weaponry Claws and fangs
Secondary Weaponry 2x scything claws[2]


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