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Harvest Logo.jpg
Harvest Marine.jpg Unknown.jpg
Origin: Unknown
Leader: Reavax[1b]
Colours: Dark red armour
with bone and silver details[1b]
Chaos Dedication: Khorne[1a]
Strength: Unknown

The Harvest are a Khorne Warband.[1a]

Unlike other Khorne Warbands, who think nothing of throwing themselsves at their foes, the Harvest cast themselves as defenders rather than attackers. By doing so they guarantee that enough blood will be spilled, so that the Daemons of Khorne will be able to materialize from the Warp and join the Warband in slaughtering their foes. This tactic makes the Harvest eager for battle, yet they have little patience for building fortifications themselves. Instead, the Warband targets a world that lies in the path of a vast, onrushing threat such as an Ork Waaagh! or Tyranid splinter fleet. Using massed packs of Warp Talons to tear a breach in reality itself, the Harvest appear at the very heart of the positions held by the world's defenders. With their eyes fixed upon the impending invasion, the defenders are caught utterly by surprise and, more often then not, are quickly massacred by the Harvest. The Warband then reconsecrates their newly stolen strongholds to Khorne with the blood of the slain, and wait for the full fury of the impending foe to break upon them like a glorious, terrible storm.[1a]


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