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Every abomination is a creation of Tzeentch. Every twisted monstrosity a child of the Changer of Ways. If I could, I would devour the thoughts of them all, that I too might know the horror of their existence. But for me there is a different fate.[1e]

Hasophet was a Thousand Sons Magister of the Mind-Eaters thrallband.[1a]


Hasophet received a Tzeentch-ordained vision that showed him his destiny. The vision revealed that sometime in the future, he will attain Daemonhood after devouring the thoughts and memories of an entire world. He was shown how to reach this goal and he then led the Mind-Eaters on the first of nine hundred and ninety-nine rites, that would take Hasophet to this portended moment[1a]. Among the rites Hasophet conducted over the next several millennia were: turning the Night Lords Sorcerer Warlord Vasellisk's body into the Shrouded Crystal[1b], as well as killing the Thousand Sons Exalted Sorcerer Korthuphos, in order to claim his two hearts[1c]. Sometime after the Great Rift was created, Hasophet finally neared his goal and he needed to only complete the last rite on the Imperium Hive World Mangel III. When he and the Mind-Eaters arrived on the Hive World, they discovered it was being invaded by the Tau, but this did not dissuade Hasophet from beginning his final rite.[1d] He shattered the Shrouded Crystal in orbit of the Mangel III to create a perpetual night on the planet and while the T'au and Imperial forces, cut off from orbital reinforcements and relays, fought desperately in the impenetrable darkness, Hasophet and his Mind-Eaters created from all artefacts and fetishes he collected during 999 rituals a great crescent pyre in the Valley of Sacrifices. Then Hasophet used two hearts of Korthuphos to ignite this pyre with their blood, while chanting a praises to great Tzeentch.[1d]

However, instead of devouring the thoughts of the battling Imperium and Tau's minds, like his vision had shown, Hasophet began absorbing their entire bodies. Even enormous war engines were absorbed by a screaming Hasophet, who then began to grow and change shape. Suddenly Hasophet's howls of pain become roars, as his body pupated into a Mutalith Vortex Beast, instead of the Daemon Prince his vision had led him to believe would occur. Despite this change though, numerous bodies and machines continued to be absorbed by Hasophet and the great Warp vortex now emanating from his back, extended outwards with each newly consumed sacrifice. The vortex soon encircled the entire Hive World and with a final mind-tearing scream, Mangel III was torn from realspace. In its place, there is left only a perpetual dark shroud and an echo of Hasophet's final, pitiful cry.[1d]


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