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Hastur Sejanus

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Luna Wolves Captain; for the Imperial Guard General, see Sejanus.

Hastur Sejanus was the Captain of the 4th Company of the Luna Wolves Space Marine Legion and a member of the Mournival. A senior commander and particularly close friend to his primarch, Horus, he was murdered during compliance negotiations upon Sixty-Three-Nineteen.[2a] His appearance was later used by Erebus in an attempt to trick and coerce Horus into following the path of Chaos.


Captain Sejanus served as praetor of the Fourth Company and stood at Horus's side during the Luna Wolves' joint undertaking with the Blood Angels to subjugate the Nephilim species on Melchior. He fought with 8,000 legionaries, and he was wounded by a shreikpulse weapon during the campaign.[5]

Considered a senior lieutenant to Horus since at least the time the Luna Wolves waged war against the Keylekid species, Sejanus notably became a close comrade to Phosis T'Kar of the Thousand Sons during T'Kar's secondment to his legion.[1a] Their bond of brotherhood was renewed during the Ullanor Triumph, which both captains attended as part of their respective primarch's inner circles[1b].

In the wake of the great Triumph, Sejanus commissioned the making of four rings, for himself and the three other members of the Mournival, from a silversmith remembrancer attached to the battle barge Vengeful Spirit. Unfortunately, Sejanus's ring was destroyed, and the other three presumably lost, when he rushed into the remembrancer's shop to aid the smith, whose throat had been fatally crushed by Captain Targost.[4]

A little over a year after the Ullanor Triumph, in the 203rd year of the Great Crusade, Captain Sejanus was given the honour of making the first face-to-face contact with the ruler of the planet later known as Sixty-Three-Nineteen. Unfortunately, a mis-step in diplomacy resulted in the murder of Sejanus and his retinue. The legion considered his death a tragedy, and the manner of it (ambushed and hacked down during a diplomatic treaty) caused particular outrage. Warmaster Horus, who was said to have loved Sejanus like a son and to have campaigned with him across one hundred worlds, ordered that Sejanus's murderers, the Invisibles, be decimated. Sejanus's position in the Mournival was later taken by Captain Garviel Loken.[2a][2b]

Word Bearers Chaplain Erebus assumed Hastur Sejanus's form during his coercion of Horus to Chaos during the Warmaster's treatment in the Serpent Lodge on Davin, in an attempt to beguile the Warmaster by presenting his guide in the spirit realm as the shade of a close friend.[3]

Appearance and abilities

Noted as the commander's favourite and a perfect captain, Sejanus was a popular figure in the Luna Wolves. Both an accomplished diplomat and warrior, with a martial record second only to that of First Captain Abaddon's, Sejanus was described as being a particularly handsome and noble man of balanced humours, with Captain Loken going so far as to say that there was no finer figure in Mk. IV plate.[2a] He had widely set eyes that glittered silver, and a firm straight nose that mirrored that of the Luna Wolves Primarch Horus[3]. He had very dark skin and a short comb of grey hair running down the center of his scalp.[6]


  • Hastur is the name of a senior, malignant entity in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos whose form is not to be trusted;
  • There have been several historical persons named Sejanus, with the preeminent one being Lucius Aelius Sejanus, a close friend of the Emperor Tiberius and commander of his Praetorian Guard.

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