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Havoc Class Merchant Raider

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Havoc Class Frigate

Havoc Class Merchant Raiders, also known as the Havoc Class Frigate[2] are small Escort-sized spacecraft used most commonly by Pirates, particularly in the Calixis Sector.


An old design, the Havoc is is primarily used for plundering against Imperial Merchant Fleet shipping. A typical Havoc Raider has fast engines, sizable cargo space, and enough firepower to rival many frigates. However their armor is relatively weak, meaning that they tend to have a hard time going toe-to-toe with a comparable naval vessel. This weakness has earned them the nickname "glass cannon".[1]

Due to its age the Havoc Class is rarely seen in the Imperial Navy but they do nonetheless see some service.[2]

Notable Squadrons

  • Sons of Ogala[2]
  • 125th Ghost Wing[2]

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