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Headhunted (Short Story)

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Author Steve Parker
Publisher Black Library
Collected in Heroes of the Space Marines
Xenos Hunters
Deathwatch (Anthology)
Nexus + Other Stories

Cover Description

A squad of Deathwatch Space Marines, the Imperium's elite alien fighters, land on an ork space craft to investigate a mysterious new threat. Fighting their way through the greenskin-infested vessel, they encounter something beyond their expectations, something that threatens to destroy them all. Can they defeat this monstrous enemy and survive?


Unnamed Ork ship converted from an Imperial Magellan-Class transport, The Pegasus, in the Charybdis Subsector.


Kill-Team Talon
  • Balthazog Bludwrekk, Warboss, Weirdboy
  • Gorgrot
  • Zazog

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