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Heart of Blood

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Daemon Avatar; for the Land Raider Redeemer, see Heart of Blood (Land Raider Redeemer).

The Heart of Blood is one of the most favoured Daemon avatars of the Blood God Khorne, and piled legions of skulls for its master. It has the power to summon bloodstorms, which drains blood from its victims without the need to strike a physical blow. The Heart of Blood would eventually be mutilated and imprisoned by Warsmith Barban Falk within the heart of his fortress of Khalan-Ghol to create and sustain an unbreakable psychic barrier for over ten thousand years.[1]

The title of Warsmith and Falk's worldly possessions, including of Khalan-Ghol and the Heart of Blood, would be passed down to Honsou after Falk reached apotheosis and transformed into a Daemon Prince. The Heart of Blood would eventually be released by Uriel Ventris during his penitent mission, orchestrated by its greatest rival, the Omphalos Daemonium, another daemon of Khorne bound into Falk's service, but at the heart of a daemon engine of the same name.[1][2b]

Sometime before its imprisonment, the Heart of Blood forged itself a suit of armour which contained all of its hate, malice and cunning. Though separated from its master, the armor was a daemonic entity unto itself that took the form of a suit of power armor. This armor was worn by Falk's subordinate, Captain Kroeger until his death at the hands of his captive, Imperial Guard Captain Larana Utorian. After her imprisonment and torment at the Siege of Hydra Cordatus, Utorian was seduced into donning the armor by the prospect of revenge, and became enslaved to it after fitting the last piece. Though it fully intended to follow its own agenda, it had fulfilled its promise to Utorian, as it had grown tired of Kroeger. The armor was presumably gifted to Kroeger by his master Barban Falk after he stripped it from the Heart of Blood, yet Kroeger was ignorant of its true nature.[1][2]

After it's release, the Heart of Blood reunited with its armor and then dueled the Omphalos Daemonium, eventually claiming victory after initiating a bloodstorm which gutted the lower layers of Khalan-Ghol and destroyed the Daemonculaba there. Its reverie was interrupted when Warsmith Honsou brazenly kicked it back to full wakefulness and demanded that it attack the besieging army of Warsmith Toramino, citing that his cowardly use of sorcery within his army was unbecoming. Agreeing with this point, the Heart of Blood set aside any wrath it had left over for Honsou or Falk, and successfully defended Khalan-Ghol by itself for days, until Toramino's force was forced to fall back and abandon the siege. The Heart of Blood's involvement with Honsou had ended there.[1]