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Heart of Cronus

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The Heart of Cronus is a battle-barge in service with the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter.[5] The chapter's last flagship, it served as the chapter's base of operations for a time after the destruction of Sotha by the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken[1], although it has been supplanted in that role by the Space Station Aegida.[6]

Chapter Master Thrasius's chambers were lined with opulent mosaics along the walls, and a polished floor. There were pict-screens hidden behind the mosaics.[1]

In order to help rebuild after the destruction of Sotha, the hangar bay was rebuilt into a training ground for newly recruited neophytes, with traps, creatures and combat servitors programmed with Tyranid attack patterns.[1]

The ship had a working Forge, overseen by Forge Master Sebastion.[3][4]




Previous Edition Warning: This article discusses a topic from a previous edition of Warhammer 40,000 whose current validity may be in question, for details see the corresponding "Notes" section below.

The Heart of Cronus was previously referred to as the Heart of Sotha in older publications.[2],[3]

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