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Heart of Rage (Audio Book)

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Heart of Rage
Author James Swallow
Performer Toby Longworth
Publisher Black Library
Series Blood Angels
Released July 2009
Collected in Victories of the Space Marines
The Book of Blood
Blood Angels: The Second Omnibus
Sons of Sanguinius: A Blood Angels Omnibus
Length 71 minutes
Editions July 2009 audio CD
ISBN 9781844167968

November 2010 e-audio
ISBN 9780857871022

Heart of Rage is an original audio drama by James Swallow. It was released in July 2009, performed by Toby Longworth and directed by Lisa Bowerman.

It was later reprinted in The Book of Blood (Anthology), Victories of the Space Marines (Anthology) and Blood Angels: The Second Omnibus; according to Swallow's foreword to The Second Omnibus, the printed story is the longer version, including scenes that do not appear in the audio version.

Cover Description

Aboard the Imperial Navy frigate Emathia, Brother-Librarian Nord and Brother-Sergeant Kale of the Blood Angels make a startling discovery - an alien tyranid hive ship, half-destroyed and drifting through space! Under orders from the Magos Xeren, the Blood Angels board the ship to locate a lost scout team. But their fate is far from straightforward. Little do Nord and Kale realise the horrors awaiting them. For they not only risk their bodies, but their very sanity as well.


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