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Heavy Bommer

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Heavy Bommers in action[1b]

Heavy Bommers (or 'Eavy Bommers)[4] are large Ork bommers used for heavy bombardment.


Born from the Ork belief that "bigger is better", Bommers fulfill many of the Ork's inner desires. They are big, fast, loud, and cause massive amounts of random destruction. The main problem is that there aren't many Orks willing to pilot them, so most of the crew consist of Gretchin who have the dangerous duty of pushing the unstable bombs off the rear ramp.[Needs Citation]

Blasta Bommer

The infamous Ork Mek Boy Orkimedes was inspired by the Imperial Marauder bombers during the Third War for Armageddon and would produce a low-flying ground attack variant of the Bommer known as the "Blasta Bommer", armed with shootas, Zzap guns, and rokkits.[4]


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